Bannockburn cottage (Picture: Rex Johnson)

Heritage Trails

The two self-guided Bannockburn Heritage Trails are:

  • a walk or cycle around Bannockburn village in Central Otago, New Zealand; and
  • a cycle or drive around sites in the local region.

The trails focus mainly on pre-1900 sites from the 'gold rush' era.

Trail Kiosk

The trails commence at an interpretation kiosk on Bannockburn's main street, Bannockburn Road, opposite the old Post Office. The kiosk is about 100 metres beyond the Bannockburn Hotel when arriving from the Cromwell direction. Off street parking is available at the kiosk, with overflow parking near the intersection of Bannockburn Road and Domain Road a short distance beyond.

Trail Times and Routes

The village trail is a 40 - 50 minute walk and includes one hill from Domain Road at the bottom to Hall Road at the top. The regional trail is through rolling farmland in the upper Bannockburn valley down to Lake Dunstan and is about 1 to 1.5 hours drive.

Trail sites all have have interpretation panels or more discrete marker posts on their street frontage. The trails may be done in any order, though the brochure and this website describe the heritage sites as follows:

Village Trail: From the kiosk along Bannockburn Road up the hill to Hall Road, along Hall Road and down Hodson Way, along Domain Road back to the kiosk. The trail then proceeds along the main street to the Bannockburn Hotel and return to the kiosk.

Regional Trail: From the kiosk proceed along the main street and up the hill, visiting sites in the upper valley. Return through Bannockburn to the bridge and drive around the side of Lake Dunstan to the Bannockburn Arm visiting sites along the way.

Toilet Facilities

There are public toilets at the Bannockburn Arm picnic area, and village facilities are available for patrons of the hotel or cafe located in the main street.


Many sites are peoples homes, so are on private property. Therefore, most sites are not open to the public unless permission is specifically stated.

Trail Guides

A trail brochure is available from the Cromwell iSite or local shops. This website also provides the brochure information, plus additional material about landforms, flora and fauna, and local vineyards.

Use the website menu items to select trail maps and interpretation pages. Mobile phones will display the standard menu symbol beneath the banner picture - it is a black square with three horizontal lines.

Please fell free to greet the local residents as you pass by or stop for a chat. This is 'our Banny' which we are proud to call home.