IPMS Account Creation Email

Possible Spam Issue

The COMS has identified that at least one email provider (GMail) is treating mail from our IPMS site at rexedra.gen.nz as Spam. This means if no IPMS Account Confirmation email shows in your Inbox after a few minutes, you should check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.

Any IPMS email in the Spam folder should be accepted as 'OK' and opened. You should then look for a setting that allows you to mark the mail as 'Not Spam'. Doing this will move the email out of the Spam folder and into your Inbox.

Now move back to your Inbox, open the IPMS email, and click on the confirmation link (the long blue line in the text) to activate your account. You may wish to retain this email as it provides a record of the username and password you used to create your account.

Now go to the IPMS website, click the Planning menu item, and enter your username and password in the Login box. When logged in you can complete your Registration and Model entries.

Every processed (completed) Registration and Model entry you make will be confirmed back to you by email. Therefore, if you don't see additional emails in your Inbox, check for them in your Spam folder and mark them 'Not Spam'.

Our apologies if you have to work through this Spam issue but it is out of our control. We do not Spam anyone. You are welcome to email us if you need more support with this.

Because of the detail involved in this process you may find it useful to print this page. Clicking the 'Print' link in the top-left corner of this page will open a new printer-friendly version of these instruction. Click the Print link in the top-left of that page to open your printer dialogue.

IPMS-COMS Committee


GMail Spam Folder

If you use GMail you may have difficulty locating the Spam folder. Here is a guide to making it visible.

On the left-hand side of your GMail page is a vertical column of small icons. Moving your mouse over them slides the column out from the side of the page and adds names to the icons. No Spam folder is visible.

Scroll the icon column to the bottom to show the word <More> and click on this. The word changes to <Less> but nothing else changes.

Out of site below the word <Less> Google has added more folders. Scroll further down the icon bar and see the Spam folder amongst some other new folders. Click the Spam folder and continue as above.