SI-IPMS 2020 - Best in Class

South Island IPMS Championships 2020
Best in Class Awards


Aircraft BIC 165 Eduard Bf109e

John Fenton of Christchurch for his 'Eduard Bf109E' airplane, Model 165 in the A3 (Aircraft) Category.



Craig Robertson for his 'Sd.kfz 251/9 KANONENWAGEN', Model # 125 in the B4 (Military Armour) Category.


Civilian Vehicles 194 Mustang GT 4

Stefan Rodger for his 'Mustang GT 4', Model 194 in the C1 (Cars and Utes/Vans) Category


BIS 157 ChargeOfTheLightBrigade

Zane Purdom of Christchurch for his 'Charge of the Light Brigade', Model # 157 in the D2 (Figure Vignette) Category.


Figures 131 Russian Tanker Female

Gary Greer of Invercargill for his 'Russian Tanker Female', Model 131 in the F3 (Busts) Category.


Ships 103 Japanese Destroyer

Ronald McCauley of Alexandra for his 'Japanese Destroyer', Model 103 in the E2 (Ships) Category.



Greg Bradock of Invercargill for his 'Rancor', Model 195 in the G2 (Science Fiction) Category.
(IPMS Southland Image - someone ran away with The Rancor before we could photograph it!)


Miscellaneous 150 Nui Dat Memorial

Thomo Thomson for his 'Nui Dat Memorial', Model 150 in the H2 (Miscellaneous) Category.


President's Choice Categories


Presidents Choice 116 Most Incongruous NZSAS Hummer with crew

Most Incongruous Model
Thomo Thomson for his 'NZSAS Hummer with crew', Model 116 - 'How come that goat is still walking?'


PresidentsChoice 184 Best Aerial Pz Bef Wg III Ausf E

A Radio Man's Pleasure Model
Gordon Arthur for his 'Pz.Bef.Wg.III AusF.E', Model 184 for his 'Best looking aerial'.


Presidents Choice 123 Most Purple Model Mr Tickles and Lollipop

Most purple model to match the President's Choice ribbon colour
Zane Purdom for his 'Mr Tickles and Lollipop', Model123 for the clown's purple-striped clothes.


Presidents Choice 112 Cats Cradle of String RMS Lusitania

Cats Cradle of String Category
Steve Hills for his 'RMS Lusitania', Model 112 for the wires and ropes going in all directions.


PresidentChoice 171 Cutest Wee Bug RAF Bulldog

Cutest Wee Bug Category
Pauline Hudson for her 'RAF Bulldog' Model 171, - a cheeky little black and yellow 'dragonfly'