Oot and Aboot

Over time I have created a few web sites based around different topics. This is a ready reference to them. They were developed while exploring out and about, which, when pronounced the way that Canadian's say it, becomes 'Oot and Aboot'. Sounds as if there were Scottish origins there too, eh?

Wellington Dive Guide

The Wellington Dive Guide is an aid to divers in Wellington who wish to become familiar with dive sites, fish life and the underwater history of New Zealand's capital city.

The Big D

The Big D should not be confused with The Big Apple (New York). There is a slight difference in scale in just about every respect. Dannevirke is a quiet, rural New Zealand town with a magic of its own. So while the term 'Big D' might be a bit tongue in cheek, it is a title worth using. Go browse.

Wanaka Cycle Tour

In 2001 I knew I would be heading to the States for a few years. Based on the rule 'see your own country first' I wanted to get away exploring during the 2000-2001 Christmas summer break. I planned a back-country cycle tour from Wanaka, set in amongst the mountains and lakes of Central Otago, to Invercargill on the southern edge of the Southland plains.

MAANZ Records

This site was a trial development for the Maritime Archaeological Association of New Zealand. MAANZ had been a very Wellington-based association, but began to attract members from all around New Zealand and from overseas. The purpose of the trial was to see if it would be possible to develop an online records system that would allow all members, wherever located, to access and update the research records of the organisation.

A trial method was proposed and implemented using the Drupal Content Management System, however there was no uptake of the records process by members. It remains with some token Wellington information provided under the Sites menu item. Site support has now reverted from me to MAANZ. To be fair, my understanding of Drupal was fairly light, so I was not able to find a way that made content creation a simple task for contributors.

Glenside - The Halfway

This is a website that supports the Glenside Community in Wellington, New Zealand. Made live in December 2007, this site was my second attempt at using a Content Management System. The requirement was to find a web development capability that separated technical administration from content development. After some trialing and demonstration of a concept using Joomla, a community site was created. The predominant content development is provided by Claire, a local historian and Progressive Association President located in Glenside. The site is hosted by Wellington Community Networks and I administer it from Australia.

Joomla itself has evolved in the time we have used it, progressing from version 1.0.10 up to 1.0.13, then dramatically updating to version 1.5.1. In November 2008 we were at version 1.5.8. Joomla is a very powerful system and has taken a lot of time learning to be able to administer it comfortably. Also, the content development process is not very intuitive and has given Claire a steep learning curve to deal with. Together we manage to produce a very effective and useful community resource.