The Bannockburn Village Trail is presented as a clockwise loop commencing at the kiosk.

Pre-Trail Planning

Plan your footware so you can walk on grass road verges where possible - there are not many footpaths in Bannockburn. Bannockburn Road in particular is a main vehicle route and the hill from Domain Road to Hall Road restricts drivers visibility to a short range. Be safety conscious, control young children and keep pets on a lead. You are welcome to take photos, but do not stand in the middle of roads while doing so. Please respect private property and do not enter any gardens, etc unless invited to do so by the owner.

For groups walking, you may wish to have other mobile devices opened to map or flora and fauna reference pages to help inform your walk.


There is off-road parking at the information kiosk. Overflow parking is at the Domain Road intersection area.


The kiosk contains information panels regarding both the village and regional trails and is the start of the Village Trail. Read the trail information.

Post Office

The Post Office is across the road from the kiosk. You may wish to take photographs before crossing the road to the building.

The Post Office was built in ... and was the telegraph, telephone and postal service centre for the village.

Walk along Bannockburn Road towards the Domain Road intersection.

Stone Store

The stone store, now labelled Stewarts Store, was built in ... It has been a ... and is now a gift shop.

Walk up the hill to the Hall Road intersection.

Carrick Range Hotel

The property across Hall Road on the corner at Rapidxxx was the site of the Carrick Range Hotel. No evidence of the hotel remains today. It was one of three hotels that served miners and travellers as they entered the village along Bannockburn Road from the upper valley - the original direction for people arriving from The Dunstan (Clyde) before a bridge was built across the Kawarau River, now an arm of Lake Dunstan.

Walk along Hall Road to the church and hall.

Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church was built in ... and is still in use by the community (?) It was built in ... and is one of two churches in the village.

Coronation Hall

The Coronation Hall was built in 1911 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria. In 20xx after the Christchurch earthquakes the building structure was assessed and deemed to be unsafe. The local community worked to resolve any safety issues and the building is now in regular use again. It has been added to over time.

Proceed along Hall Road and go down Hodson Way to Domain Road and the Methodist Church.

Methodist Church

The Methodist Church was built in ... and is the second church built in Bannockburn. It is currently a private residence.

Proceed along Domain Road back to Bannockburn Road, pass the Post Office to the blacksmith shop at Rapid xxx, Banockburn Road.

Blacksmith Shop

Now a private home, this building was once the blacksmith shop for Bannockburn and was built in ...

Proceed along Bannockburn Road to Rapidxxx.


This private home was once the Bannockburn Bakery built in 19.. by ...

Proceed along the road to the Bannockburn Hotel.

Bannockburn Hotel

The Bannockburn Hotel was built in ... by ... It now hosts various outdoor events including the 'Pub to Pub' bicycle race via four-wheel drive vehicle roads from Garston in Southland, over a mountain range into the Nevis Valley, along the valley bottom, then out of over the Carrick Range to Bannockburn.

The village trail concludes here. On your return to the kiosk parking area there are refreshment options on Bannockburn Road at the hotel or cafe. Both places provide toilet facilities for their patrons.