The Structure of Ferns Roots

Like any book it is possible to just start reading Ferns Roots at the first page and proceed chapter by chapter to the end, or to dip into it at any point and browse.

To make browsing more meaningful it will be helpful to have a general idea of the Ferns/McQuilkan family tree and how the different sections of this site are organised. Put simply, the tree origins have determined that early ancestors originated in the United Kingdom (Ireland and Scotland), some branches had Australian connections, then other family branches evolved in New Zealand.

Ferns Roots stories are therefore recorded in mainly geographic blocks which have the following content:


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United Kingdom Family History

  • Hubert's father William's parents Bernard Ferns and Catherine Winter in Birr, Kings County (Cty. Ofally), Ireland
    • Children: Ellen, Eliza, Catherine, John, Mary Anne and William Hubert Ferns,
  • Hubert's mother Johanna's parents Denis Leary and Mary Brien near Birr, County Tipperary, Ireland
  • Isabella's father Donald McQuilkan in Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Isabella's mother Catherine Robertson and her Robertson/Wallace families of Pitlochory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • Hubert's brother John Ferns wife Helen McCann's family of Northern Ireland

Australian Family History

  • Hubert's father's family, Bernard and Catherine Ferns and children
  • Hubert's mother Johanna's family, Denis and Mary Leary and children
  • Huberts family origin; parents William and Johanna Ferns and children in Melbourne, Victoria
    • Children: Bernard, Albert, Hubert, Kit, John, Harry and May Ferns
  • John and Helen Ferns Family in Melbourne
    • Children: Ivy, Bill and Frances Ferns

New Zealand Family History

  • Isabella's parents Donald and Catherine McQuilkan and family in Southland
    • Their children: Catherine, James, Florence, John, Isabella and Elizabeth McQuilkan
  • Catherine's Robertson and Wallace families in Southland
    • Her father James and siblings Malcolm, Alec, John, Colin and Donald Robertson
    • Her children William, Janet, and Grace Wallace
  • Hubert and Isabella in Invercargill
  • Hubert's brother John and Helen Ferns and family in Invercargill
    • Their children: Ivy, Bill and Frances Ferns
  • Helen's McCann family in Southland
  • Hubert and Johanna's children and their families
    • Their children: Mary, Johanna, Dorothy, Catherine, Edna, William, Tui, Patricia, John, Harry, Sylvia, Donald and Michael Ferns

 Support Pages

For each geographic block an additional 'articles' area will show. These pages may include general information, historic background, or family stories giving insights into the character of family members. The document are classed as giving 'support information' as they do not directly record family history.